Building A Simple Cannabis Garden At Home For 100 USD

The use and production of cannabis is starting to be legalized in several countries around the world. Cannabis has plenty of health benefits and can also produce a lot of cannabis products. You probably remember to buy CBD oil from local store, it is also extracted from cannabis. And if you’re interested in acquiring an indoor cannabis garden, you are very much qualified to try and build one regardless of your knowledge in planting. However, there are few misconceptions about growing cannabis such as:

  • Obtaining the necessary materials will be demanding and laborious.
  • You may think that the process requires a masterful technicality when it comes to planting.
  • You suspect a large space to be needed for the plants to grow.

These are the common misbeliefs people have that hinder them to plant cannabis.

This guide will guide you in building your very own Cannabis garden at the cost of just 100 USD.

The Nano Grow

This build is recommended for beginners and first-time growers who wish to build a garden that’s as discreet as possible. The Nano Grow is a small tent with a dimension of 24”x 24” that can fit in closets. Below is the supply list that you will need for your Nano Grow:

  • TopoLight 24x24x48 inch Indoor Grow Room
  • Lorell 6 inch Clip On Fan
  • Century 24Hour Mechanical Timer
  • Growstar 150w Full Spectrum Light
  • iPower 4 inch Inline Duct Fan (Optional)
  • AcuRite Hydrometer & Thermometer (Optional)

Nano Grow is invented to be the cheapest and the least technical of all builds of cannabis indoor gardens. This build aims to narrow down the necessary materials while eliminating the unnecessary items. While the basic Nano Grow will cost you about 100 USD, you can also add an inline fan and a thermometer or hydrometer for just a bit more cash.

The LED lights used produce little heat which works well in this environment. With the size of this garden, filtration is not essential. For those who want to grow their garden in a narrow space, they can consider using the intake fan or the thermometer or hydrometer. Adding such will help in increasing air circulation and providing fundamental measurements for maintaining a healthy atmosphere for the plants.

With the height of the tent maxing out to 48”, cannabis grown in the space must not exceed 24 inches in height, so it is recommended to use indica, dwarf, and auto-flowering varieties of cannabis for best results.

There are some building notes to take into account:

  • Assembly Time: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Hardware Recommendations: Heavy-duty zip ties, Duct tape
  • Total Power Outlets: 2 to 3
  • Assembly area: Small room or closet space
  • Plant Count (Recommended): 1 to 2 plants

With the availability of the equipment and the knowledge of this simple guide, you just acquired the idea of how to build an indoor cannabis garden for just about 100 USD. You will now have your very own cannabis which you can then sell, use recreationally or turn into products like gum, CBD oil or even cannabis tea.

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