5 Activities You Can Enjoy at Letchworth

If you’re an outdoor activity enthusiast, then you’ll definitely enjoy Letchworth. Known as the Grand Canyon of the East, it is an amazing area with a lot of sceneries and trails that you can explore. If ever you’re on vacation or on one of those student tours where you’re you’re your fellow students, then here’s a list of fun activities you can do.


Hiking is one of the best and most popular activities in Letchworth. From Mount Morris to Portageville, there is a series of trails that you can walk in. These trails differ in difficulty depending on your capability as a hiker. You have the freedom to choose which one to go on. However, one thing’s for sure — all of them offer amazing scenery as well as an abundance of flora and fauna.


While you’re on your hike, you can actually set up camp in one of Letchworth’s campsites. There are over 200 campsites in this area with cabins, camping trailers, and tents that you camp in. All you have to do is reserve the campsite that you want and the assistants there will guide you to your campsite. Take note that not all cabins have electricity, so you might do a bit of roughing in. – but that’s what makes camping fun anyway.


In the Highbanks recreational area, you’ll find one of the biggest and nicest swimming pools in the region. This is known as the North Pool, and it’s open from June to September. Take note that swimming in the rivers is not allowed, so you may want to stick to the North Pool if you want to take a dip.


If you’re into something that’s a little more adventurous, then there’s also whitewater rafting and kayaking. The Genesee River is an amazing place to do that. The currents are a bit strong but nothing a beginner can’t handle. One ride is around an hour and may include an instructor if you haven’t done whitewater rafting before.


Lastly, you have the chance to do a lot of sightseeing. First of all, there are so many waterfalls for you to check out. There are the lower, middle, and upper falls. Tour guides are also included if you’re on student travel tours.

Other than the falls, you can also take a look at the Mount Morris Dam where you can have a lot of really cool photography opportunities. Lastly, you can also pay a visit to the Grave of Mary Jemison which can be found near the Glen Iris Inn. According to history, she was taken captive and raised by a native American family that migrated to New York.


You’ll definitely find something that you’ll enjoy in Letchworth. Whether it’s a getaway, summer outdoor activities, sightseeing, or an educational trip, Letchworth definitely has something to offer you. These 5 activities are the most popular ones that you can do in the area. Don’t miss out on them when you pay the place a visit.

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