Drug Raids in Stevenage and Letchworth

Drug cartels and gangsters in the county have been hit hard as the police raids several places in both Stevenage and Letchworth during their fight against drug trafficking. The raid has indicated success in the war against drug trafficking. Get more information about drug trafficking and drug tests.

The raid occurred from 6:30 am when police officers invaded several territories in Wildwood Lane, Hawkes Lane, and also Lies Road in Stevenage.  The police did not stop there as they had another massive operation in High Avenue, Letchworth. Two more areas in Hackney, London were not left behind in the operation.

Seven fell into police custody during the operation

The police operation was fruitful as seven people are already in custody with charges of conspiring to supply class A drugs in the county. Some of them are minors and others are young adults. There are 15-year-old and 17-year-old teenagers from Stevenage. Stevenage has another 18 years old man in police custody. In East Herts, police arrested an 18 years old woman. More three men in their 20’s were arrested from London. All these suspects are still in custody and passing a drug test will be hard for them.

The drug and criminal elements in these urban centers are referred to as the County Lines. The criminal network has spread to other small towns and even to the rural areas.

Cartels and criminals on the rise

According to Detective Sergeant Jon Leak, the police are already working out on a plan of neutralizing all these criminal gangs. He admitted that there are several drug dealing cartels and criminals whom the police have started hunting down. However, this is only the beginning of the operations as more operations are anticipated to happen soon.

According to the police source, these drug cartels and gangsters are unleashing violence to innocent and vulnerable members of the public. They are even using children and teenagers to supply their drugs. This has seen most neighborhood under the control of these cartels.

Hertfordshire is, however, not experiencing many activities from the drug cartel network as other parts of the country. The drug menace has turned out to become a growing concern across the nation. The police are planning to solve the menace at this early age before it erupts to disastrous levels.

According to Detective Inspector Greame Walsingham, the police are doing all they can to suppress the drug menace in Stevenage. Detective Inspector Greame Walsingham is a member of the Stevenage Local Crime Unit which is in charge of dealing with this drug trafficking issue. The drug issue is negatively affecting most of the people living in these neighborhoods. This is the reason that the police have vowed to continue raiding more places. Graeme added that they will be getting more warranties to search more premises as long as they have enough intelligence suggesting that there are activities on drug trafficking. The public has been urged to provide reliable information to police in case they see any suspicion of drugs activities in their neighborhood.


This comes at a time when the police are currently gathering more information on the cartel’s network. The police are positive that they will keep protecting the vulnerable members of the public from this menace. Within no time, everyone will be able to pass a drug test due to the efforts being carried out by the police.

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