Romantic Spots in Letchworth for Dating

If you are a romantic finding love online and planning to take your love story to Letchworth, here are some few places you can visit with your partner for your date.

1.    The International Garden Cities Exhibition

Walking ten minutes from the town will take you to the international garden cities, one of the first museums in England with a unique concept. It was built as a social experiment to provide a residential setting where manual workers and middle managers can live in. The Letchworth garden city was built in the mid-20th century as part of the garden city movement.

The Letchworth garden city is a romantic spot to take a 2-hour knowledgeable tour. It is also free of charge, so you and your love won’t pay any cost.

2.    Norton Common

Norton common is a magical place to take a peaceful stroll with your partner. It is a fabulous park with several peaceful animals such as birds, deer, foxes, Canada geese among others.

It is a nice place to take a leisurely walk with dogs or bike rides. It is also an all-weather park. You can visit it during any season of the year.

3.    Standalone Farm

If you are into the simple things in life, this is a nice place for you. The staff is welcoming, and the facilities are kept clean throughout. There is also ample and secure parking. There is a small café to get you going for the tour around the farm.

The standalone farm has a sandpit and provides great tractor rides and a large play area for the children. There are plenty of animals to enjoy and feed. It is a place where you can enjoy and create some lovely memories with your small children or grandchildren. It is an excellent place for a fun day out and has easy access from Letchworth.

4.    Greenway

Greenway is part of the standalone farm with many access routes. It is a popular place in Letchworth for walks and bike rides.

Greenway is made of a network of paths surrounding Letchworth. Some paths also expand to the nearby villages. There are many green plants and flowers that surround the paths. They form a very beautiful green corridor.

5.    Herts at War Exhibition

You can take your romance to the past in Letchworth by visiting the hearts exhibition at war. It is an exhibition that tells the story of Hertfordshire and the residents during the cold war. It has several unseen collections showcased in the exhibition.

You can enjoy some videos of the first world war in the exhibition’s cinema room. A visit to the exhibition is an eye-opener, and you and your partner get the chance to see how the cities’ roles in the first world war.

6.    ICAS- Vilas Fine Art

ICAS is located in the Hertfordshire part of the Letchworth garden city. It was founded in 1984. The establishment showcases the works of several international artists.

A visit to the art exhibition will give you and your loved one the chance to experience some of the best sculptures, paintings, ceramics, photography and glass arts collected from all parts of the world.

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