Beginners’ Guide To Aquaponics

With an increasing population all over the world, resources are becoming scarce. However, there is also a huge decline in the area of land to grow plants in. plants for aquaponics is one possible solution to that problem.

What Is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the systematic combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. Hydroponics is the soil-less process of growing plants, and aquaculture is the raising of fish. Therefore, the process is growing plants and fish together in one system. The organic food source is provided by the fish with their waste, and the water is naturally filtered for the fish by the plants.

Nitrosomonas, a bacterium that converts ammonia present in the fish waste, converts to nitrite. Nitrites are converted into nitrates by Nitrobacter. This nitrogen is used by plants to grow.

How To Aquaponic?

The Hardware

The two important components of this system are the fish tank and the grow bed. The size and type of these elements depend on how many plants you wish to grow, how many fish you wish to raise and how much space you have for aquaponics.

The Software

The software is what gives its purpose, and it refers to the fish, plants, worms, and bacteria. With these things, an aquaponics system is brought to life.

Selecting the type of fish depends on what you want, whether you only want to raise them to give life to your plants or you want to raise them for food as well. It is advisable to select fish that are quick to mature such as white bass, crappie, barramundi, yellow perch and tilapia. These examples are popular as they are easy to maintain and can withstand changes in oxygen levels and temperature.

Plants will be eaten, so to have rapidly growing, healthy and large plants, they must be provided with enough natural or artificial light, water, space, and nutrients. A range of plants from potatoes to fruit trees can be grown in this system. You may either plant plantlets or seeds.

The Integrated System

Now that everything is in place, it’s time to turn on the engine.

The first thing you need to learn is cycling. This is the process of nitrifying bacteria in the system to establish the nitrogen cycle. This is to establish the bacteria that makes the biofilter in your aquaponic system by using fish or not using fish. Knowing when to add plants and fish if you are cycling without fish is important to learn.

Even though plants help in filtering the water for your fishes, there is still the need to monitor pH levels and clean the pipes every now and then. All these things are needed to consider in order to maintain a healthy system.

Benefits Of Aquaponics

This system can be created in your indoor space, and it uses 2/3 less water. The need for artificial fertilizers can be greatly reduced, making it perfect for both outdoor and indoor space because this system can be created anywhere. There is also no need for weeding because there is no soil. Therefore, this process makes your plants grow faster.

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