What Insurance Should Hotels or Guest Houses Get

If you’re planning to put up a hotel or a guest house, one of the things that you must never forget is insurance. After all, that’s what would protect your business from unexpected costs and such. Now, hotels and guesthouses are different in size and amenities. Guesthouses typically have lesser rooms and require less cleaning services in san Diego than hotels and don’t have a 24-hour reception. However, the insurance plans for both cover pretty much the same thing.

Therefore, if you happen to be looking for an insurance plan for a hotel or guest house, you need at least these coverages:

General Public Liability

First, you need to have a general public liability coverage. This is to cover the costs that may incur if ever anyone gets hurt in your hotel or if anything gets damaged. During injuries, you may be held liable if there is no warning of a wet floor or something. For those instances, you may need to pay for those costs.

Employee Safety

Second, you need to keep your employees safe in the event that they get hurt in the process. For instance, if a staff member gets hurt because he slips on the pool floor, then you will have to pay for it. Of course, the insurance company can pay for it if it is included in the coverage.

Building Insurance

Next, you’ll need some sort of building insurance in the event that there is damage sustained on the building. Let’s say if an earthquake, fire, or other external element hits the building, your building insurance is needed in order to cover all the expenses.

There are some insurance plans that have more specific coverages for specific disasters, but building insurance is a general thing that you need for your hotel or guesthouse. Your insurance may even cover the rebuilding costs needed if you need to have your establishment rebuilt.

Legal Coverage

If ever you are thrown into a court case, you’ll need to pay a heap of legal fees in order to cover the courts. Fortunately, there are insurance plans that include this kind of coverage. This is known as legal coverage, and such coverage will be able to help your business with legal compensation if you lost the case. Of course, there are also plans that include specific legal coverage, but a general one is needed in order to cover the basic costs of legal fees.

Maintenance Coverage

Lastly, there’s maintenance coverage. Most hotel or guesthouse owners don’t know this, but there is actually coverage for maintenance so that you can upkeep your establishment. If you don’t, you are putting your guests and staff at risk of dangers. Due to this, the basic building maintenance coverage is something that’s really important. This would usually include overall building maintenance, overall hotel or guest house cleaning, and other things to keep the place in good condition.


For those who want to open up hotels or guesthouses, don’t forget to have the right insurance plan for your business. These are some of the things that you’ll want to add in your customized plan.

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