Pet-Friendly Hotels in Letchworth Garden City

Going on a vacation is hard especially if it means leaving your dog behind. Luckily, the world is changing and many hotels accept dogs for accommodation. If you have not, you must read this review on Pet Plate for your dog. Not only these hotels are pet-friendly, but they even have a red carpet for fur puppies to walk on!

If you are planning to go on vacation near or within Letchworth Garden City, here are some pup-friendly hotels you can stay in.

  1. Mercure Letchworth Hall

Mercure Letchworth Hall is a 4-star hotel offering accommodation, a sauna, a health club, and a free parking space. There’s also a restaurant inside that you can dine it with your pup. The property is not only pet-friendly but also business-friendly. It has business amenities such as a conference hall and a business center.

If you want to check in with your pup, you may be charged GBP 20 which may vary depending on your length of stay. A separate charge for cleaning fees worth GBP 200 is also required. You can’t bring in your pup upon your check-in though. You need to contact the directory number as indicated in the booking confirmation.

  1. Fox at William

Looking for a world-class hotel? Well, this hotel located just outside the Letchworth Garden is not only world-famous but also award-winning. It has a country-smart room, restaurant, and of course a pet-friendly environment.

Fox at William has a lovely walk designated for your well-behaved four-legged. They are very much welcome in the garden room, too. Upon arrival, they will be welcomed with dog beds, dog food, bowl, toys, and towel. Your dog can truly experience that cozy staycation feeling.

  1. Travelodge Letchworth Garden City

If you are in a tight budget, don’t fret because you can still enjoy your good night’s sleep with your pup in Letchworth Garden. This hotel located right in the Letchworth Garden has everything you need – king-sized beds, coffee and tea facilities, internet, hot shower, and many more.

If you wish to bring your pup in your vacation, call the telephone number of the hotel indicated on their website ( This is a heads up for them to better prepare for the arrival of your dog. Such a VIP, right?

  1. Luxe Stays – Hitchin

Near Letchworth Garden lies a pet-friendly hotel in Hitchin, the Luxe Stays. Luxe Stays allows dogs to check in with their master for no additional charges. However, your pup is not permitted to be left alone in the room. If you are going to meet some friends alone in the Letchworth Garden, there’s a grassy area guarded by hotel employees where you can leave your dog.


Pet owners can’t stand the “so you would leave me here alone” gaze every time they would go on a vacation. Fortunately, as time evolves, traveling with pets are already allowed, you just have to find the right places for them.

If, for some reason, the hotel you want to stay in the Letchworth Garden is not included in our list, don’t be disappointed. There are tons of pet-friendly in the area that we haven’t mentioned. The easiest way to know if they can accommodate your dog is to call the front desk or go to their website for some “pet accommodation” information.

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