Useful Guide in Growing Your Garden Photography Skills

We may not be fully aware of it, but the most awesome subjects are right under our noses: our very own garden. Well, if you have one in your backyard so make sure that you upgrade nikon d90 lens, so you can the best garden photos!


If you do not have a garden, you can find a landscape gardening in parks, botanical gardens, or even in other institutions like schools and hospitals.


In your mind, you might doubt your confidence – that you may not capture a good snap because you do not have professional cameras or camera lens, or even if you have one, you are not that experienced in using it. Ignore those thoughts, because here are useful tips for you to capture wonderful garden photos to develop your photography skills.


The Idea

We tend to look at a garden specifically on what we want to see, such as a butterfly resting on top of a flower, or taking a look at a caterpillar munching on a leaf. As a photographer, you should perceive a garden as a being with its own entirety – such as the bountiful leaves, flower sprouts, or even the bloomed ones, random pebbles, or even an existing fishpond. Your main goal should be looking at the garden as an entire picture for you to see even its tiniest details.


The Right Time

In fact, there is no fixed time of the day as to when you will get the best results in garden photography. Just like how your cameras and camera lens do not require the right time when to create a good shot. You just have to learn to observe the garden because there will always be a good angle to capture.  One garden may seem dull at the time, but others may already have blooming flowers. It is because flowers do not bloom altogether at the same time. However, in your standards, you are free to choose your preference; would you want to shoot flowers that are just about to bloom, or do you want to capture the ones that are not yet blooming? If you want to emphasize a certain element in the garden, you can shoot a close-up photo. Mid-range shots can also be the best choice if you want to capture an event in the garden when there are two or more elements that are worth capturing. The truth is, a garden does not have a scheduled time when something worth capturing takes place, so anytime is the best time.


The Subject

What do you think is the most captured part of a garden? Flowers, of course! However, a garden cannot be called a garden if it is only going to be flowers. As you look at the entire picture of a garden, you will realize how important every element is, like the ones we mentioned above. Events do not only take place on flowers, but some decorations add an accent to the beauty of the garden. Some insects and critters also contribute to the life of a garden – even ladybugs add attraction to a photograph. Once you truly understand the whole picture of a garden, you will finally know what kind of subject you want to take a picture of.


If you are new to garden photography, you should keep in mind that the best photos are not shot in just a day. Once you immerse yourself in such a hobby or career, you will understand that it is not just the great cameras and camera lens, which will allow you to take the best garden photography but the experience as well, and that is when your garden photography will enhance even more.


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