The Best Garden Storage Solutions and Ideas

Storage insufficiency is among the most common issues we face at home. More often than not, once we read review, we find out that we are running out of food storage, clothing storage, photo storage, and the likes of it.

Gardening also experiences storage issues. As much as possible, we want to keep our gardens neat and properly arranged. We don’t want our garden tools to smear the beauty of our gardens. Fortunately, garden storages have been invented. This type of storage keeps your garden tools organized, while simultaneously adding beauty to your garden.

Advantages of Garden Storage

Garden storages offer many advantages. Some garden storages are dual-purpose; meaning, aside from being a storage box, garden storages can also be used as benches. In addition, garden storages offer easy access to your equipment and tools. Most garden storages allow you to open up to 90 degrees, saving you time and energy in finding a specific tool you need. Garden storages also protect your tools and equipment and keep them unharmed.

The Best Garden Storage Ideals

The following are the best and the most affordable garden storage ideas in the market:

Lifetime Extra-Large Deck Box

This storage box offers a huge capacity for storage and has the best 10-year warranty deal in the market. The lid has a spring hinge to avoid slamming and can be opened 90-degrees for ease of access. The box has a flexible design that enables interior dividers and shelving. It is UV-protected, weather-and-water-resistant.

Keter Rockwood Garden Storage

This box is best for patio-garden décor ideas. It is made up of polypropylene resin, therefore, it’s durable and can withstand any type of weather. This garden storage has a huge capacity that is perfect for storing sports equipment, gardening tools, cushions, and pool supplies.

Suncast Garden Box

Suncast box is a well-designed storage box best for storing outdoor dining supplies, sports equipment, garden tools, and others. It is a durable poly-resin box that never fades nor get rusty.

Suncast Wicker Garden Storage

The wicker storage box is in mocha-brown color which can blend well and can bring harmony and style to your outdoor garden. It has a modern design with handles on both sides. It is perfect for storing cushions, garden tools, and yard accessories.

Suncast Box with Wheels

If you are looking for a roomy storage box that can be easily transferred from one place to another, this box is perfect for you. This box offers huge storage capacity for storing all your cushions, garden tools, outdoor accessories, and even firewood. It is a deluxe well-designed box that is water-and-weather proof.

Suncast Outdoor Cabinet

Unlike others, this is a sophisticated and stylish cabinet type storage. It is made with poly-resign that can resist rust, dents, and rotting. It can store your grill supplies, garden tools, and outdoor accessories. In addition, it can also be perfect décor for your garden or balcony.


Incorporating garden storage boxes will not only provide you additional storage, but it can also be an outstanding garden décor idea. With these boxes, you can be saved from the unsightly looks of unorganized garden tools. Enjoy gardening with neat and accessible tools.

Basic Gardening Tips for Pet-Owners

A great case of stewardship is that of those who both share the love for nature and animals. You see, it’s not unusual to find people who take time to tend their gardens and care for their cat litter, but that is not an easy thing to do. One could compromise the other in many way, and although difficult, is not impossible to achieve in balance.

With some resourcefulness and ingenuity, you’ll find yourself working with both your pets and plants with much ease. You might even find this challenge eventually therapeutic. So, if we got you interested in such an activity, read on to learn more about what you have to do create a pet-friendly garden.

Choosing Fertilizers and Mulches

By nature, fertilizers have a smell that is appealing to dogs, so be cautious of the ingredients included in the mix. We suggest using liquid fertilizer, or wood mulches, preferably pine, root, and wood bark. Avoid ingredients like chicken or fish meals, by-products and poultry feathers, as these strongly attract the sense of smell of your pets. Chances are they will dig up the plots and possibly ingest these, then eventually upset their stomachs.

Pet-Friendly Fences

Although the purpose of fences is to establish a physical boundary between two adjacent areas, your dog still considers anywhere near your fence as their property. This will cause them to look out at passers-by and might even try to get out.

At this point, it may be ideal to use a sturdier fence. Another option could be to have the fence be made of a clear or transparent material. This is for the reason that your pet will want to see what’s on the other side, and if they can see from afar, it may dissuade them from further investigation.

Creating Boundaries and Clearances

Consider the edges of your planting mounds as extensions of the walking path, especially for your pets. Dogs particularly don’t hold mind walking on various kinds of surfaces, and they won’t mind stepping on your plants as well. With that, don’t plant near the edges and allow clearances by adding in some landscaping; for example, lining the walkway with pebbles or stones.

Monkey See, Monkey Do.

When your pets see you digging up dirt and moving one plant after another, they will be more inclined to do it as well. That is why some dogs made it a habit to dig their paws onto the dirt just for fun. For this fact, we suggest that you keep your pet indoors for the majority of your gardening, especially when you’re doing some repotting.

Dog Pit

A great solution to this would be to provide a designated lawn or area where your pets can go digging whenever they feel the need. You can orient them towards this habit by digging the dirt alongside them.

Ultimately, balancing a love for both a garden and a pet is not at all that outrageous. However, it does require a certain amount of dedication and a whole lot of time management. It will as well require much of your attention – with your pets needing more attention than your plants, of course. Still, it is known that caring something besides yourself is a great practice of empathy, and we hope you may find joy in such an activity. We wish you a fun and challenging weekend!

Tips on Taking Great Garden Photographs

One of the most beautiful things to photograph is the garden. The green leaves, the flowers, the trees, and the earth all contribute to an endearing and magical image. This type of photography is the kind that you want to include in your photo storage. You should Visit this link to know that not all those who attempt to take great garden photos succeed in doing so. Thus, to ensure a good result, follow the guidelines below.

Lead Your Viewer’s Eye

How do you lead your viewer’s eye to the image that you want them to see? Well, you’ll have to use your own eye. There are about a hundred angles you can take a garden photo from. Choose the one that will make you feel as if the image is drawing in you to look more deeply.

Use the Light and Reflector

Make use of the natural light. Shoot from angles that create the delicate balance between the subject and the light. Be careful not to shoot from angles that will interfere with the color of your photographs. Remember to use shades like trees to block off too much brightness. If the sun is too bright, use a reflector.

Make Use of A Ladder

There will be times when your height alone wouldn’t allow you to take advantage of the beautiful view of the garden from the top. This is when you’ll have to make use of any ladder available nearby. View from the top gives the photograph a different vibe and people a different perspective, both literally and figuratively.

Take Photos During Sunrise and Sunset

Two of the most beautiful phenomena in the world are sunrise and sunset. Take advantage of these times of the day to take your garden photo. They give the photograph an intimate vibe that most people appreciate.

Invest in Layered Photos

Good photos have their own foreground, mid-ground, and background. You can do this to get better images, but be careful in putting them all together. The result should be well-balanced and with purpose.

Know The Owners and Designers

Sometimes, taking a photo takes more than snapping your camera from the right angle. A good photo has a good story, and to capture the best story of it, get to know more about the garden you’re photographing from its owner or designer.

Avoid Distractions

Everything has to have a purpose in your photograph. Objects can be there as the main subject, they can be there to support the subject, they can be there as background, but they cannot be there as distractions. If you feel like this object doesn’t have a role to play in the photo, remove it.

Know The Right Timing

Timing is also very important. If you know when to shoot, chances of getting better images will increase. It’s advisable to visit the location before the actual shooting to know when the best time of the day to shoot is.

Include The Distant Landscape

Photos of the garden itself can be overwhelming. Yes, the flowers and trees are all pretty, but somehow, the garden’s identity or personality gets lost in the sea of beautiful plants. So include anything in the background that will give the photo of the garden the sense of being an actual place. It can be a house or mountains; the important thing is to include a distant landscape.


Don’t be afraid to experiment on angles and objects. Sometimes, the best photo is taken in the most unexpected way. Trust your eye, and trust your subject.

Holland & Barrett Makes History as the First to Stock Cannabis Oil Products

The High Street retailer company has made a bold move of stocking cannabidiol across all their stores in the country so you can Get Real CBD oil all the time. This health food chain has been known to provide various health and wellness products and had their shops in Letchworth, Hertford, Stevenage, Bishop’s Stortford, Welwyn GC, and in Hitchin.

It was reported by The Mirror that they had a good sale of CBD oil products across all their stores nationwide, and they have planned to add more CBD oil variants in their shelves in the next few months. It did not come as a surprise because CBD oil has been known to bring relief to several chronic body pains, anxiety, and even epilepsy. It has been recorded that cannabis oil has a lot of health benefits and taking it for medicinal purposes does not constitute any addiction problems or side effects in the body.

The Demand of CBD Oil in Holland & Barrett

The Cannabis Trade Association has made the study about the surge of consumer sales in the cannabis oil market, recording a 200% increase in customers buying CBD oil products from last year. Jacob Hooy’s CBD+ Oil products have also increased, with a notable 37% increase during the time it had been placed on display at Holland & Barrett.

The popularity of the CBD oil has been surprising for the company given its effectivity to bring various wellness to its customers. Currently sold at £19.99, the Jacob Hooy’s CBD+ would be added with more variants to meet customer demands according to the company after receiving the good news on the sales performance of their newly-displayed product.

They have also worked alongside the success to bring more innovative products that would bring a lot of benefits and help to their customers.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is produced in hemp oil, commonly from marijuana hemp, and is an active substance known to bring relief to various health problems in the body. It is a legal product as it only contains 0.2% of the allowed psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, thus being deemed as non-addictive. Most of the oils are taken sublingually or as prescribed by medical professionals.

Holland & Barrett has recommended their customers to take as much as 2-3 drops per day to a maximum of 15 drops. It is also quite bittersweet that it is recommended to pair it with water to remove the distinctive taste of the oil. To add, they still suggest consulting a medical professional before taking in any CBD products, including CBD oils and soluble.

Reviews on CBD Oil Products

While many have been able to immediately notice the benefits of CBD oil, most have not been sure about purchasing the product. Nonetheless, Holland & Barrett assures that all their CBD oil products are effective when taken correctly and in the right amount of dosage and is not paired with medications that could disrupt the beneficial effects of CBD. Most have rated the product as five stars because of the relief it had brought them after taken in the product at the right dosage. Others have not rated the product well as they have not noticed anything after taken in the oil. Nonetheless, sales of the CBD product still continue to bring success to Holland & Barrett.

What Insurance Should Hotels or Guest Houses Get

If you’re planning to put up a hotel or a guest house, one of the things that you must never forget is insurance. After all, that’s what would protect your business from unexpected costs and such. Now, hotels and guesthouses are different in size and amenities. Guesthouses typically have lesser rooms and require less cleaning services in san Diego than hotels and don’t have a 24-hour reception. However, the insurance plans for both cover pretty much the same thing.

Therefore, if you happen to be looking for an insurance plan for a hotel or guest house, you need at least these coverages:

General Public Liability

First, you need to have a general public liability coverage. This is to cover the costs that may incur if ever anyone gets hurt in your hotel or if anything gets damaged. During injuries, you may be held liable if there is no warning of a wet floor or something. For those instances, you may need to pay for those costs.

Employee Safety

Second, you need to keep your employees safe in the event that they get hurt in the process. For instance, if a staff member gets hurt because he slips on the pool floor, then you will have to pay for it. Of course, the insurance company can pay for it if it is included in the coverage.

Building Insurance

Next, you’ll need some sort of building insurance in the event that there is damage sustained on the building. Let’s say if an earthquake, fire, or other external element hits the building, your building insurance is needed in order to cover all the expenses.

There are some insurance plans that have more specific coverages for specific disasters, but building insurance is a general thing that you need for your hotel or guesthouse. Your insurance may even cover the rebuilding costs needed if you need to have your establishment rebuilt.

Legal Coverage

If ever you are thrown into a court case, you’ll need to pay a heap of legal fees in order to cover the courts. Fortunately, there are insurance plans that include this kind of coverage. This is known as legal coverage, and such coverage will be able to help your business with legal compensation if you lost the case. Of course, there are also plans that include specific legal coverage, but a general one is needed in order to cover the basic costs of legal fees.

Maintenance Coverage

Lastly, there’s maintenance coverage. Most hotel or guesthouse owners don’t know this, but there is actually coverage for maintenance so that you can upkeep your establishment. If you don’t, you are putting your guests and staff at risk of dangers. Due to this, the basic building maintenance coverage is something that’s really important. This would usually include overall building maintenance, overall hotel or guest house cleaning, and other things to keep the place in good condition.


For those who want to open up hotels or guesthouses, don’t forget to have the right insurance plan for your business. These are some of the things that you’ll want to add in your customized plan.

Identifying and Controlling White Mold in The Garden

Only someone who has owned a garden will know the true joy and satisfaction that can be achieved from nurturing a garden into life. However, caring for one’s garden is no child’s play, and one has to protect and nurture the garden in order to bear the sweet fruits of nature.

One of the crucial steps in gardening is the prevention from mold and other various fungal diseases. The formation of white mold or sclerotinia affects more than 300 varieties of garden plants.

Symptoms of the mold formation will appear on the stems, leaves, and pods of the plants. The infectious disease starts affecting the plants from the onset of the summer season but does not spread till winter. It is crucial to catch this disease early on to prevent its spreading.

Identification of Mold Formation

Here are the symptoms to identify the disease early on:

  • The appearance of water-soaked parts of the stem
  • Discoloration and wilting of individual stems
  • The appearance of dark brown lesions on the stem, from which the white mold will grow out

As soon as one of these symptoms show up in your crop, you need to take action. You can ask advice from a mold expert to know the necessary steps to take.

Elimination of White Mold

If the fungal infection has affected a part of your crops, you can take these steps to control the disease:

  • Destroy the infected plants immediately.
  • Replace the infected soil with new patches of soil.
  • Separate the infected part of the patch with the rest of the patch with the help of a plastic or mulch barrier.

Prevention of White Mold

If you have caught the disease in its early stages or are still safe from it, you can follow the following precautionary methods in order to protect your crops from the fungal disease:

  • Improve the air circulation around your plants by using well-drained soil and proper spacing between the crops.
  • Avoid watering the top part of the plants in order to prevent moisture from developing above them. If possible, water them in the early hours of the day so that they dry off before nightfall.
  • A fungicide can be very helpful in the prevention or removal of the disease. Plants should be sprayed right before they start budding and then a week later, for maximum effect.
  • Weeds carry many kinds of diseases with them. Make sure you remove all the weeds from time to time.
  • Clearing out the previous crop residual is another step often overlooked by people. At times, the mold spores remain even after the long winter and can affect the new crop. Hence, one should clear out all residual remains after harvesting.

White mold is one of the several fungal diseases that can affect your garden crops. Following the right practices is the only way one can avoid it. Practicing the precautionary steps is a must for a healthy crop. If not, act as fast as possible to save your garden crops from the fungal infection.

Best Gardening Apps you can Download

If you like fruits and vegetable, then the thought of having your own garden in your yard might have crossed your mind. After all, gardening is a productive activity that anyone can do, and it’s is one of the most favorite recreational activities done by a lot of people. Fortunately, learning and improving your garden skills and knowledge is now made quick and easy with the use of several gardening apps hosted by by Certa Hosting.
You can easily find websites and mobile applications about gardening that can be downloaded into your phone, allowing you to receive training about different techniques and increase your knowledge about gardening. Below are some of them:


Gardroid is a very good app intended for gardeners like you. The application will let you browse several lists of fruits and vegetables that will give you hints and ideas on selecting the best fruits or vegetables to be planted in your garden.
The application will also track the progress of your plants as you can also add notes and reminders in a calendar inside the application. Lastly, it will give you tips and techniques about the proper way of cultivating the chosen plants in your garden.

Gardening Manager

If you have a scheduler in your office works, then the Gardening Manager app is its gardening counterpart. The app will be a big help in keeping notes and monitoring the planting and growing schedule of your plants.
It also features a diary where you can record and take notes of your experiences and observations as you go through the planting season. The app also allows you to take pictures and images of your plants and garden then store them in your diary.


This is one of the fresh applications dedicated to gardening. Gardenize is an app that works pretty much like a garden journal, allowing you to record and list your gardening plants and areas as you update them throughout the planting and harvesting season. You can even incorporate pictures and images in all your garden activities as you monitor your progress and develop new gardening ideas.


This is another mobile app that will be a great help to all gardeners like you. This application assists you in identifying the best plants suited for your garden. It also contains a “digital care calendar” that will give a lot of information about your chosen plant and how it can be planted on your garden properly.
It also allows personalization where you can add your chosen plants into the app, providing you with techniques for properly cultivating the said plant.

Garden Tags

This is an app that allows all gardeners to connect between themselves and share information and useful tips between each other. The app is best to download if you are looking for gardening tips and advice, inspiration, and gardening challenges.


Gardening is a nice activity that you can do during your free time as it brings several benefits to your body physically and mentally. To further improve your gardening skills and knowledge, download the applications listed above and be a pro gardener in no time.
You can also set up your own gardening website you can share some pro gardening tips to other gardeners. Just make sure you get yourself a reliable web hosting service.