How to buy a Steam Shower for your Home

A guide on how to buy and install a steam duscharmatur schwarz in your home. Provides estimations of costs. Steam shower in your home provides relaxation and is also beneficial to your health. You can turn your ordinary bathroom into one for enjoyment and relaxation, making the spa experience within the vicinity of your home.

What is a Steam Shower

Having a steam shower in your home provides a spa experience. By turning your ordinary shower stall into a steam shower, you will not need to wait for your bathtub to fill for a relaxing bath or for the water to heat up in a sauna. The steam shower is an enclosed room that can be filled with steam released from the steam generator. The steam generator will heat the water up and the steam will disperse into the room. Adding a seat will allow you to sit and relax in the steam. Building a steam proof stall will prevent the moisture from damaging the room’s walls. Activating the button installed in the shower stall triggers an electric valve to fill the steam generator with about a gallon of cold water. After the water comes to a boil, the pipe channels will deliver the steam to fill up the stall for enjoyment. Steaming for 20 minutes consumes 2 gallons of water which is less than showering with a water-saving shower head which sprays about 50 gallons of water in 20 minutes. However, your electric bill does go up due to the heating of the water to the point of boiling to provide steam.

Tips for Buying a Steam Shower

The first step to buying or installing a steam shower in your home is to find a dealer.  You can purchase the Mr. Steam or Whirlpool brand or other steam shower brands. The contractor will help you install your generator which should be installed within 25 feet from the shower stall. After the generator is installed then you will need to hire a tiling contractor and also a shower-door installer to build a stall that is steam proof to prevent the room’s surrounding from being damage by the steam. The plumber can connect all the pipes and the electrician will hook up the generator’s 220-volt electric cable. Other gadgets such as digital controls, remotes, and entertainment system can also be installed. The cost of the entire system is around $2,500 in installation excluding what you pay for the stall and door and extra entertainment add-ons. You can get a steam-ready enclosure which only needs some wiring and hook up for around $2,000 to $4,000 to save time or buy a steam shower kit to save money on installation. Be sure to ask for referrals for a plumber or electrician for plumbing hook ups. It is also a good idea to buy a warranty in case the steam shower does not correctly function.

Cute Raincoats and Rain Jackets for Women Over 40 or 50

I’m from Seattle, so I know about rain and mist. Most of the time, rainy or drizzly days are darker and cloudier than snowy days. If you’re over 40, you should have a mens bomber jacket or slicker in a bright, sunny color, which will energize you and will cheer up everyone around you. I don’t want you to be a stodgy, dowdy wallflower just because you’re over 40 or 50.

Should You Get a Long or Short Raincoat?

Most days, I wear raincoats that are long enough to cover my tush when sitting on a wet bench, but are short enough so they won’t drag on the ground when I get in a car. However, I have raincoats in all lengths.

Before getting your new, smashing Mac, ask yourself:

  • What do I usually wear on rainy days?

Answer: If what you have fills your needs, get a cuter version of what you already have.

  • Do I need my raincoat for work?

Answer: If you’ll be walking in the city, you might want something long enough to cover the tops of your boots. However, if you commute by car, you might not even need a coat.

  • Is this raincoat mostly for walking my pooch?

Answer: For casual wear, if you are on your feet, you might want a short rain jacket that shows your cute bootie jeans. If you like to sit on that wet, dog-park bench, get something that covers your tukas.

  • Am I still a freaking wallflower or do I want to go bold in cute flowers or bright tangerine?

Answer: C’mon, girl. You know the answer to this!

Cute Raincoats for Dancing in the Rain

Here are the best and the brightest raincoats I can find. If you will be using this coat for travel, or you like something you can scrunch up into a ball in your purse, get a Mycra Pac. I’m biased, but I like Northwest stores for raincoats.

Shop local at Ashland, Oregon’s

This website carries rain gear, exclusively. And, the people on the Oregon Coast have even more experience with rain than Seattleites do.

  • Mycra Pac Short TurnKey Rain Slicker This coat is cute, short, and practical in vivid tangerine. The hood is detachable for days when you wear a hat. It comes with a stash bag (purse).
  • Mycra Pac TurnKey Rain Slicker Here’s a longer, citified version.
  • Mycra Pac Donatella Long Raincoat: I have about three or four long Donatella raincoats. They are perfect for the city and for travel. Take one on your next northern European cruise (even in August).

Mycra Pacs are big, so you can wear the fabulous Donatella over sweaters to keep yourself toasty during late winter or early springtime in Paris. Try the Donatella in reversible red/black, bronze/black (I have this), or grape/black. I look deathly in oak, and I had to send it back, but the (neutral) oak/black, traditional-Parisian combo might be good on you. You will love the scrunchy collar that zooms up into a wonderfully flattering hood. You can also find short Donatellas in red and other cute colors.

Casual Rain Jackets at Eddie Bauer and Nordstrom

I have found that casual, rain-jacket cuts look best on skinny chicks. If that’s you, check out these styles.

  • RipPac Packable Jacket in Bright Fuchsia or Bright Jade. Very affordable, at Eddie Bauer.
  • Nisqually Lightweight Shell Jacket Happy colors include Bittersweet (bright red) and Violet Checks, at Eddie Bauer.
  • The North Face ‘Venture’ Lightweight Jacket For a fun jacket to wear with jeans try this in Fusion Pink, Response Red, or Bastille Green, at Nordstrom.

More Raincoats at Other Sites

Here are some other cute ideas.

  • Jessica London Plus Size Long Hooded Raincoat Forget the neutrals. Buy it in Ruby/Black or Violet/Plum.
  • Excelled Solid Raincoat in pink at Kohl’s.
  • If you’re a blonde, you should consider the Champagne Raincoat at Travelsmith.

Women’s Macs and Raincoats from the UK

It’s just fine to order clothing from other countries. Heck, it all comes from China, anyway. Just make sure to read each website’s Shipping and Returns info.

  • com Chelsea Retro Slicker You can go totally Twiggy Mod with this cool slicker.
  • Mycra Pac Scroll Long Donatella (I have this raincoat in this color combo.) You can find it in Sapphire at The London Trading Company.
  • Seasalt Daisy Print Peranporth Mac (at Also, see their Seasalt Plum Peranporth Mac.
  • Another cute coat is the Women’s Regular A-Line Sunshower Raincoat in sizes 16-18 and 20-22 at

If you look around you can find cute raincoats in wonderfully vivid colors. And, if you shop hard enough, you can find cute prints. My favorite raincoats are Mycra Pacs, but you can find other goodies that cost less.

Best for Baby – Stroller or Carrier: Are Baby Strollers Suitable for Newborns?

Baby strollers from The Luxury Strollers appear to be the easy option but common sense suggests baby wearing will benefit child development in many more ways.

The practical benefits of baby strollers are plain to see. Babies sleep in them, are fed in them, they can carry shopping, diapers, the kitchen sink even. But are babies perhaps missing something? For infants under 6 months a baby carrier offers a practical solution to getting about that also benefits a baby’s development and well-being.

The History of the Baby Stroller

The pram was invented in the eighteenth century and made popular during the Victorian age. The British gentry employed nannies to look after their children from birth and the pram became a status symbol of the aspirational. By the 1920’s the pram was in widespread use and in 1965 the first light-weight folding stroller was born.

Today design and technology has brought forward the next generation of super strollers. Parents can choose from a vast range of models and accessories on offer, with the most expensive brands still affording a sense of status similar to owning a Ferrari. There are reversible strollers, car-seats on wheels and pram-combos galore for sleeping babies, but the best designers in the world can not replicate the experience a new born gains from being in arms.

Baby Wearing – A Universal Age-Old Tradition

A baby stroller maybe be de rigueur on sidewalks the world over but they are not much use in the Amazon. Writer Jean Liedloff spent years living with Yequana Indians in Venezuela and observed how much time infants spent in their parents arms. She also noticed that these babies rarely cried, developed motor skills very quickly and made the transition from parents arms to independent movement with remarkable ease.

The Yequana’s crawling babies were not penned in but free to roam. When the babies learned to walk they were not reined as they accompanied their parents in the jungle. Also despite there being considerably more potential hazards and dangers these children were not more prone to mishap.

On the contrary the physical confidence these children developed not only insured their safety in their environment but also gave them a sense of natural well-being, attributes gained by not living in fear that they were going to hurt themselves every five minutes. “Be careful” or “don’t do that” or other anxious exchanges with children were very rare. Jean Liedloff identified the most significant difference between the upbringing of a Yequana child and a child from the developed world as the length of time babies spent in the arms of their parents.

Commonsense Parenting

Jean wrote a book about her experiences with the Yequana in an effort to help parents trust their natural instincts in regard to bringing up their children. She was also concerned about the unwitting damage we maybe doing to our children if they didn’t experience a significant in arms phase and dispels the myth that carrying children will “spoil” them.

Baby wearing is now advocated by many as plain old commonsense. Pushing a screaming infant in a stroller should never be considered normal, small babies need to be carried. They are crying for good reason and parents should respond accordingly. Baby wearing is rewarded by increased well-being for child and parent. Through the close contact of the in arms phase a parent will get to know their child better and become instinctively tuned in to their needs. Furthermore carried babies are more likely to grow into secure confident individuals because cuddles have not been metered during the most formative months of their lives.

Baby Sling, Papoose or Tie Wrap?

There are many different ways of carrying babies so it is a good idea to try before buying and to check parent feedback on specific designs. Small babies want to be snug so many parents use a tie wrap style and then progress to a sling when the child is able to sit on the hip. Although with practice it is possible to carry a newborn in a sling and breast feed at the same time. Parents should also consider how easy the carrier is to remove for sleeping babies. The sling style is ideal for this purpose because it is just one buckle to loosen and slip out of.

The frequency of baby wearing is relative to how easy it becomes. The in arms phase is not for long, at 6-8 months babies learn to sit-up independently and start to crawl. They still need the comfort of being carried but will need far less reassurance as they discover the world than a baby who has missed out on a significant in arms phase. Baby wearing will also increase a parents physical strength and enable them to carry their child when necessary for many years to come.

If this all sounds like back breaking work, try pushing a fully loaded stroller up or down a hill complete with screaming baby. Even the most expensive stroller whilst appearing to be the height of convenience for the modern parent will inevitably become an encumbrance to the newborn.