Eat and Shop

Eating and shopping are part of the travel experience because you get to eat what the locals consume on a daily basis or get to taste the city’s cuisine and be able to support the city by buying locally made products. Garden City has plenty of places to eat at restaurants and shops to purchase from.

Garden Square Shopping Centre

Located at the heart of the city is the Garden Square Shopping Centre. This is where you can shop at major brands such as The Body Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Boots, and Costa Coffee. It connects with other streets lined up with various shops such as the Leys Avenue and Eastcheap which makes shopping easier and accessible.

Leys Avenue & Square

Leys Avenue is situated near the town centre where it is home to many variety local sellers ranging from cafes, gift shops, clothes retailers, opticians to name a few. It is also where the Farmers’ Market is located. The Farmers’ Market collaborates and gathers locals that sell various food items such as vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, and pastries. This happens on the third Saturday of every month.


Eastcheap is scattered with lots of shops and restaurants to choose from. It has both well-known shops and local or independent sellers that sell a variety of items. There are also plenty of types of food establishments to choose from whether you are out to grab a quick bite or dine a 4-course meal.

The Arcade

One of the well-known shopping places in the Garden City, the Arcade was built in 1922 which makes it rich with history. Known shops in the Arcade are jewelers and a traditional sweet shop. It recently had a renovation to transform the historical place into a modern shopping center.

The Wynd & The Gallery

The Wynd conveniently connects to Leys Avenue and The Arcade which can make going around different shopping centers easier for those love shopping. The Green House Community Market is located here where various items such as houseware and furniture are sold.