Floral and Garden-inspired Mobile Phone Cover Ideas

Nature and technology don’t always go together. However, when these two are combined, they diverge into an inspiring element with stunning beauty.

If you are a tech-savvy and a nature-lover at the same time, the use of nature-inspired Amazing Designer Cases for Samsung Smartphones is a wonderful opportunity to showcase that technology and nature can harmoniously co-exist.

So, we made a list of spring-inspired designs that depict different emotions and personalities. Browse on the list of styles where you can take inspiration from in choosing the perfect design for your mobile phone covers.


Rose is an epitome of beauty and love. The unique arrangement of its petals commemorates a person’s connection with a special someone and serves as a reminder of the picture perfect moments spent together.

Just by its looks, a rose stands out among other flowers. A design inspired by it is perfect for mobile phone covers. If you’re a guy and is planning to give this to the woman of your life, this sends her the message of how one of a kind she is and that you truly value her.


When speaking of love, beauty, and calmness in one, a Jasmine flower perfectly fits this description. The floral jasmine look that this design renders to mobile phone covers suits the taste of those who are attracted to beauty and sensuality. Jasmine flowers are simple-looking at first sight. However, as you stare longer at it, you are able to appreciate its astonishing beauty disguised in simplicity.

Mystical Monogram Design

A monochromatic mountain view gives a surreal feeling to the one looking at it. The simplicity of the color used gives a winter-like experience that breathes icy air. The variation makes the image stand out without overwhelming the design, which subsequently makes it a good design for both men and women. What makes this design more appealing is the fact that it can be monogrammed with the owner’s initials. This makes the mobile phone cover more personal.

Garden Floral Party

The play of soft colors in this garden floral party design creates a whimsical ambiance. This reflects the joyful disposition of the phone owner. Although colorful, the overall look of this design is not overwhelming yet not boring. This radiates a positive vibe to the phone owner and to those who come across this design.

Floral Mandala

Mandala dates back to the pre-historic era. It is believed that Mandala represents the connection of man, the divine and the universe.  The Mandala design is associated with the Bohemian lifestyle. So, if you are into it, this design is perfect for you.

This floral-inspired Mandala design makes use of complementary colors that make the entire image stand out against the background. The blossoming appearance of this flower depicts a message of blossoming life and attraction for success. Regardless of the placement of the image, the overall design gives a simply stunning look.

Choosing the perfect design for your mobile phone covers can sometimes be difficult. Hence, we recommend that you look for a design that primarily matches your personality. That way, your mobile phone is complimentary to your lifestyle thus, adding value to it.

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