Tips on Taking Great Garden Photographs

One of the most beautiful things to photograph is the garden. The green leaves, the flowers, the trees, and the earth all contribute to an endearing and magical image. This type of photography is the kind that you want to include in your photo storage. You should Visit this link to know that not all those who attempt to take great garden photos succeed in doing so. Thus, to ensure a good result, follow the guidelines below.

Lead Your Viewer’s Eye

How do you lead your viewer’s eye to the image that you want them to see? Well, you’ll have to use your own eye. There are about a hundred angles you can take a garden photo from. Choose the one that will make you feel as if the image is drawing in you to look more deeply.

Use the Light and Reflector

Make use of the natural light. Shoot from angles that create the delicate balance between the subject and the light. Be careful not to shoot from angles that will interfere with the color of your photographs. Remember to use shades like trees to block off too much brightness. If the sun is too bright, use a reflector.

Make Use of A Ladder

There will be times when your height alone wouldn’t allow you to take advantage of the beautiful view of the garden from the top. This is when you’ll have to make use of any ladder available nearby. View from the top gives the photograph a different vibe and people a different perspective, both literally and figuratively.

Take Photos During Sunrise and Sunset

Two of the most beautiful phenomena in the world are sunrise and sunset. Take advantage of these times of the day to take your garden photo. They give the photograph an intimate vibe that most people appreciate.

Invest in Layered Photos

Good photos have their own foreground, mid-ground, and background. You can do this to get better images, but be careful in putting them all together. The result should be well-balanced and with purpose.

Know The Owners and Designers

Sometimes, taking a photo takes more than snapping your camera from the right angle. A good photo has a good story, and to capture the best story of it, get to know more about the garden you’re photographing from its owner or designer.

Avoid Distractions

Everything has to have a purpose in your photograph. Objects can be there as the main subject, they can be there to support the subject, they can be there as background, but they cannot be there as distractions. If you feel like this object doesn’t have a role to play in the photo, remove it.

Know The Right Timing

Timing is also very important. If you know when to shoot, chances of getting better images will increase. It’s advisable to visit the location before the actual shooting to know when the best time of the day to shoot is.

Include The Distant Landscape

Photos of the garden itself can be overwhelming. Yes, the flowers and trees are all pretty, but somehow, the garden’s identity or personality gets lost in the sea of beautiful plants. So include anything in the background that will give the photo of the garden the sense of being an actual place. It can be a house or mountains; the important thing is to include a distant landscape.


Don’t be afraid to experiment on angles and objects. Sometimes, the best photo is taken in the most unexpected way. Trust your eye, and trust your subject.

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