Is Dragon Ball Z: Super better if the story was like this?

Changing the original story of not having to wish for humorous wishes by the Pilaf Gang. If Sorbet, Frieza’s strongest soldier after his downfall resurrect both Frieza and King Cold after future Trunks sliced them to cubes. These Dragon ball z clothing for sale were resurrected by the newly invented medical machine.

While recovering in the healing chamber, two of Frieza’s most loyal servants Sorbet and Tagoma exchanged words that by resurrecting Frieza alone, they can already conquer almost 70% of the known universe. But Tagoma insisted that their goals will be much easier if both King Cold and Frieza cooperate to reach such a goal. With the wit of King Cold’s strategy and the power of Frieza, knowing these achievements is on the tip of their fingers.

Tagoma first saw Frieza when he was still very young and immature, Sorbet even scolded Frieza at that time. But when they met Frieza dor the third time, they already knew who the next great leader would be. With Frieza’s tenacity and raw power, they had concluded that there is no other person qualified for such a position.

Upon fully recovering, the two tyrants assessed their newly resurrected bodies. Frieza even fired a laser beam to one of his soldiers who were above average in strength and power – the soldier immediately died. When Sorbet heard about King Cold and Frieza’s conversation on how they can enact their revenge towards future Trunks, he suddenly interrupted the two tyrant’s conversation only to be fired with a laser beam to his limbs for him to suffer great pain and suffering.

When Frieza asked on what happened to Goku and the planet Earth, Sorbet answered that Goku and his fellow Saiyan men gained even more strength to the extent that they had even defeated Majin Buu. Sorbet recommended that they will have to focus on rebuilding their empire strength and conquer even more planets than before. Frieza declined the offer, instead, he and Cold King decided together for four months. They used a special machine that enhances power growth significantly before they decided to go to Earth to have their revenge.

Frieza started sending soldiers to cause havoc to the planet but was retaliated with extreme strength by the defenders of the Earth. Goku and Vegete while in Beeru’s place training, heard this sad event and decided to go back to Earth to defend their homeland. Goku battled Frieza while Vegeta battled King Cold. Earth mightiest warriors battled the officers of Frieza, Gohan battled Tagoma, Piccolo battled Shisami while Krillin battled Sorbet. Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin defeated their enemies, in addition, Vegeta informed King Cold that the one who sliced them to bits was his son from the future.

While Goku and Frieza were fighting, Frieza noticed that Berrus the God of Destruction was there and he was extremely shocked and terrified. Frieza asked Beerus not to interrupt in his fight with Goku and Beerus agreed since he said he and Whis were only there for the ice cream.

When Frieza was on the brink of defeat, he begged Goku for another chance only to betray everyone and blew up the entire planet including himself. Goku, together with Beerus and Whis survived the ordeal and begged Whis for help. Which then turned back time and this time Goku defeated and killed Frieza without hesitation.

This version story can be quite interesting and would you think this would be a better version than the original story?

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